The art of recycling, gallery “Exposium”, Athens

The art of recycling

“Exposium” Gallery opens its doors to the public with a double exhibition
devoted to the international day of environment. The lower level of the art
space hosts a photographic installation. While at the upper level, the
visitor may see mixed media artworks, paintings, sculptures,
micro-sculptures, every day objects (with a visual interest) and art
jewelry: all made of recycled, reused  and recyclable materials.
Each of the participating artists proposes through his work an alternative
way of eco-thinking and sustainable-living; and gives his unique
interpretation to the relationship between the modern consumer and his

Participants: Yiota and Fotini Iliopoulou, Christos Gakas, Georgia Gremouti,
Akis Goumas, Erifili Kakinia, Manolis Kothris, Linda Kotsonopoulou, Danae
Megreli, Niki Stylianou, Sergios Fotiadis-WE design, 2D, Sugarline

Place: “Exposium” Gallery, Karytsi Sq. 1, Athens
Private view: Wednesday, June 1st, after 6 p.m.
Duration of the exhibition: 1-8 June